Skincare Tip

Does your face have dark spots, scars and/or discoloration?
Do you want smoother, clearer skin? Well i have just the thing for you. This treatment was introduced to me by a friend of mine who used to have darkspots and discoloration, now her face is one of the clearest face i have ever seen. 
This natural treatment is very simple and an inexpensive. You probably have almost everything you need for the treatment in your home right now.

What you need

***The skin gel is Aloe Vera
***Need white towel

***Any soap will do, but i like to use black soap

*** Any sugar will do, this just what i had

Step one: Steam your face for 2 minutes to water that is boiling. (Place your face on top of the pot with boiling water, make sure the stream is touching your face.)

Step two: Wet your white towel in very cool water, then use it to dry your face (this process opens up you pores.)

Step three:  Put sugar in a bowl, then you use soap to lather you face. Use sugar as a scrub and lightly scrub the sugar on your lathered face.

Step four: Wash your face and dry with white towel.

Step five: Rub Aloe Vera on your face and wash it off after 30minutes to one hour. If you can sleep with Aloe Vera on you face, leave it on. The longer the Aloe Vera is on your face, the better. 

Try this and tell me what you think.

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