Monday, March 22, 2010

Shampoo ideas?

I am in need of a new shampoo. I currently have locs, 7 months today:)
When i had non locked natural hair, i used Shea butter shampoo, which kept my hair soft. I stopped using Shea butter once i started my locs because, well i wanted my hair to loc. lol....I have been using the cheapest shampoos in stores because i figured all shampoo do the same thing. The problem now is that i feel that those shampoos are drying out my hair. I want something that adds moisture to my hair, something that doesn't dry it out. Any ideas?


Manecoarse said...

Dr. Bronner's.

GoHard said...

thx :)

Anonymous said...

Careful with Dr. Bronner's though. Naturals swear by it but it is very hard. I mean, it's used to clean the house so what do you think. I would suggest you visit a Target store and pick up "Moisture Retention Shampoo" by a brand called "Shea Moisture". Check out the Target website to see if it's at a store near you. It's new so it's usually located on an end-cap near the other product lines like CURLS, Miss Jessies (crap) and Jane Carter Solutions.

GoHard said...

Thank you for this info..that does make sense. I have actually been using a mix of dr.bonner, olive oil, and water to wash my hair. I will def try your other suggestions as well..thx :)

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