Thursday, April 29, 2010

No more Dr. Bronners

So, basically after much research i have decided not to use Dr. Bronners soap any more. I will not use it on my hair as shampoo and or on my skin as body wash. The reason i have come to this conclusion is because after much research, i have learned that this product is harsh. Yes it is bio degradable, yes it is organic, but it has a pH level of 10 which is extremely high. I have used it for the last two weeks adding olive oil to it, but my hair and skin is dryer than ever. So after someone commented on my "shampoo ideas" post about thinking twice about using Dr. Bronners, i went and did some research and they were correct. I will now be shopping around for new natural shampoo that doesn't dry out my hair.
 Any ideas?

I don't like to waste things, so what other uses does Dr. Bronners have? Any other ideas on what to do with this product?


NakedSha said...

Have you heard of the HydraThermaNaturals collection?

So, that's what I've been using for a couple of months and I'd recommend it to EVERYONE.

It's amazing; the shampoos, the conditioners, the deep conditioners, the lotion, hair oil, sheen, etc

Check her out on youtube and

Let me know what comes up!

GoHard said...

it looks really interesting...what benefits have you seen from using the product?

NakedSha said...

So, my hair is softer (1), growing (even my friends are amazed), and of course healthier.

The thing is that it isn't magic and even the lady who makes these will tell you.

It's all about moisture and her products are all for that!

GoHard said...

sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

Try making African Black Soap shampoo. I made mine by just mixing the soap, water, vegetable glycerin and a bit of olive oil and my hair has never felt this great. My itching scalp has calmed down and, although my hair feels really clean after I use it, it doesn't feel stripped at all. I make my own shampoo but I'm sure you'll be able to purchase it somewhere. Goodluck!

SLY said...

Instead of using it to clean your body, use it to clean around your home. I mix that soap and baking soda as a tub and tile cleaner among other things.

scruffdiva said...

Also, not sure if many know but you're supposed to dilute it.

Anonymous said...

I've used Dr. Bronner's for dishes and laundry as well. It's a great multi-purpose cleaning product.

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